Fairfield University's 2022 Job Shadow Program

Fairfield’s Job Shadow program connects students with alumni and parent professionals for either in-person or virtual career conversations during winter break.

This popular, rewarding program gives students a chance to begin planning for life after Fairfield by learning directly from alumni and parents about careers in a variety of industries.

Registration opens in early October and matching and notifications will take place in November.

Contact the University Career Center at careers@fairfield.edu with any questions.

"It was beneficial to have real-world exposure to a business and to learn about how each job in the company functions. I enjoyed hearing from different people in the company (alumni, marketing team, customer success, analytics). It was also nice being able to make new connections. The most valuable thing that I learned from the Job Shadow experience was how there are many different paths each person took, so not knowing exactly what and where you want to work does not mean you cannot be successful."


Samantha Gutch ’21


"I enjoyed hearing about their Fairfield experience, what their big takeaways were, and what resonated most with them. It's always fun reminiscing and hearing what's changed. I personally enjoyed creating a day where I could give as much exposure as possible, both in the sense of what I do at a marketing company, as well as showing how a business comes together. Teaching and mentoring individuals (especially Fairfield students) has always been something I'm passionate about so it was a pleasure to be involved."


Joe McConville ’14
Account Manager
Inspira Marketing