Prior to Job Shadow/Career Exploration…

  • Students are expected to participate in the program. If, for any reason, you cannot participate after being matched, notify the Career Center at immediately so we can match another student.
  • After you receive your match, contact the alumni or parent mentor immediately to schedule a convenient job shadow date.
  • Research the organization and prepare a list of questions to ask the alumni host.
  • Update your resume and make copies to share with your match.
  • Be sure to respond to all correspondence from your match and the Career Center in a timely manner.

During Job Shadow/Career Exploration…

  • Bring a padfolio with a notebook, pen, and copies of your resume.
  • Dress and speak professionally.
  • Be on time (or 5 minutes early).
  • Actively listen, learn, ask relevant questions, and take notes.
  • Ask for contact information so you can follow up with the alumni/parent mentor.

After the Job Shadow/Career Exploration Conversation…

  • Send thank you notes to your alumni/parent host(s). Immediately after your meeting send a thank you via e-mail, then follow up with a written note.
  • Follow up on any action items that you discussed with your match.
  • E-mail photos to

For more information, e-mail the Career Center at