Typical Job Shadow Day

Since this year's program will be virtual, we ask that students connect with alumni via Zoom or other video chat platform for a 30-45-minute meeting. You can touch upon such topics as:

  • Their career path since graduating from Fairfield
  • Ask about the organization and their role
  • Discuss potential career paths within the organization and the industry
  • Share information about your major, plans, and offer to share your resume
  • Ask them about suggestions for getting started on a career path in that industry or organization

A typical in-person Job Shadow day may include:

  • Observation of the employees’ activities during their workday
  • Informational interviews with the Fairfield alumna/nus host and other employees
  • Meetings with the president, department heads, or other individuals
  • Lunch with Fairfield alumni
  • A tour of the workplace
  • An opportunity for a resume review